Why do black folk use the term romantic when discussing, love and things of that nature? We are not european romance peoples.

We do that because we don’t think too deeply about it.  If we though more deeply about it, I think most would make an adjustment, but if we though more deeply about most things we’d make a lot of adjustment concerning a lot of things.

Romantic Love, like most things coming out of (Western) Romantic Culture is absurd at best and deadly at its worst, as far as Black people are concerned.

The real tragedy is that we have a rich cultural milieu to draw from.  Africans have been having sex and creating emotional bonds longer than any other Race on this planet so it’s crazy that we fucking with St. Valentine and Romanticism when it comes to Black Love, Sex, and Intimate Relationships.

If we were a serious people we’d have Khematic Love, or create and advance Goddess Oshun Day to celebrate our love for our significant others.

But we are not serious about anything but fully Integrating with our Oppressors while achieving and thriving within the very Systems and Institutions that profit from our dysfunctions and seek our extermination. 

(Hell, if Khematic Love and Goddess Oshun Day did get off the ground New Negros would run to Hallmark to buy the cards and buy their fucking flowers from Koren Markets, and all that other dumb shit that ripped the guts outta Kwanzaa.  Unless of course it was written into the principles and protocols that these are Revolutionary concepts and Holidays and lay out how to recognize and celebrate them in a ways that advance our communities to the exclusion of other, and that advances the overall struggle for Black Liberation.)