Greetings mr Kenyatta, can you please explain what neocolonialism in an African context is?. Thank you

Neocolonialism is when you go from this;

…to this;

Colonialism was established to extract the land, labor, resources, and wealth from Africa while subduing African people, African culture, and African interests.

Neocolonialism is the exact same thing except Whites have been replaced by treasonous Blacks in the direct oversight and day-to-day operations of the original colonial infrastructure and programs. 

I wish it was more complex than that; so we could have some excuse for allowing this to run for over half a century, but it isn’t; it’s truly that simply overall.

There was a brief window in the post-WWII where there were real challenges to the colonial system were taking Africa on a path of real independence and continental unity; but it was thwarted; there was a global COINTELPRO overseen by Western Europe, the Colonial Settler States (the US, Israel, Canada, Austria, South Africa), Western Allies in the Arab/Muslim world, Asian Puppet States, and treasonous Africans in Africa and treasonous Africans of the African Diaspora; that all came together to undermine Africa’s Liberation Struggles and establish the neocolonial systems that strangle Africa economically and foment political and social instability and backwardness today.

The Global Power Structures cannot let Africa go, their economic and military might is rooted in Africa’s resources; there would be no White Global Power without Africa’s labor, resources, wealth, and talents; and the moment the White Global Power Structures are cut off from Africa’s Wealth the West would descend into a New Dark Ages of poverty and internal conflicts; just like Europe did the last time they were cut off from Africa. 

So, there’s no easy way out, because Africa’s liberation would impact everything, not one government or economy in the world would be unaffected; that’s why even China, Korea, India, and all other nations who seek to mimic Whites in their development have to get a foothold in the African Continent; so we don’t just have to deal with the West any longer; it’s literally Africa vs. Everybody (who seeks status and standing in the Systems and Economy of White Global Domination). 

Since you didn’t ask about solutions, or responses I won’t get into that, which will allow this response to be relatively short.