The Black Condition.

Insecure, homicidal, psychopathic Racist don’t just apply to the police force:

Cops kill us with guns.
Doctors kill us with substandard and discriminatory treatment.
Teachers kill us with miseduation.
Politicians kill us with targeted public policies.
Judges kill us with biased judgments and sentencing.
Prosecutes kill us with Malicious prosecution.
Bankers kill us with Redlining and finical strangulation.
Journalist kill us with anti-Black propaganda.
etc. etc. etc.

Beyond that, any Black people who embrace this System will implement
deadly and discriminatory practices against Black people as readily as
any White Racist, or White non-Racist, because Black death and
oppression embedded in the policies and practices of most if not all
Western Institutions and Systems.  

We get up in arms about
police brutality, but we seem to ignore the epidemics of poverty,
premature death, injury, and dysfunction we suffer due to racism and
discrimination entrenched in other segments of the System.

We go
from crisis to crisis, from atrocity to atrocity without making the
proper connections.  We fail to connect police bruatlity with
discriminatory healthcare, we fail to connect substandard housing with
mass incarceration, we fail to see that all of this is connected.

Dr Claud Anderson
explained that there could only be one of three explanations for the
Black condition; 1. Black people are genetically inferior to Whites (and
other Races), 2. Black people are cursed by some God, or 3. There is a
conscious and consistent policy in place to keep the Black Race
subjugated for the benefit and comfort of other Races.

If you are
dumb enough to accept numbers 1 and 2 then just stop reading here.  If
you accept 3, then you have to know that we need a systemic response to
systemic oppression.  We need to move beyond simply opposing police
brutality, or protesting housing discrimination, or trying to vote for
better politicians; we need to be engaged in Revolutionary Organizing
and State-Craft.