You Have Nothing to be Ashamed of…

It blows my mind how Africans can feel any level of shame or embarrassment at any act any Black person does under this system of Global White Domination.

Black folks got the nerve to fell bad about the ‪#‎KnockoutGame‬, when our oppressors commit unprovoked attacks and knockout entire nations, civilizations, continents, and ecosystems.

Yall got the nerve to gripe about poor people blowing money on the latest phones, or the newest Air Jordans, but completely ignore how this fucking Capitalist economy is squandering the wealth of the entire fucking planet! Trillions spent on nuclear bombs that can never be used while the majority of humanity is poor and malnourished!

Before you fix your mouth to express any of your anger and shame towards Black people you better look at the history, the trickery, the depravity, and the brutal violence that drives African to degrade themselves in that manner.

You had better remind yourself that just because you have endured White oppression better than the next African, it don’t make you better than the crack-head, gang-banger, or hood-rat; yo ass can catch a beat-down from a cop just a quickly as they can, or worse. Shit you uppity Negros often get the worst of it because they have to shake yall outta yall illusion of inclusion every now and then.

The men in the tailored suits, who speak standard English, who have no debt and healthy stock portfolios are the real gangsters, thugs, scum-bags, rapist, and genocidal murders.

Put all of your energy and resources to unseating those who profit from keeping your people uneducated and dysfunctional, once the are gone you will see the true nature and potential of your people manifest.