On Emotions…

Emotions are powerful, but also transient; no functional relationships can rest on emotion, be it love or hate. If you engage in emotional relationships (romantic or otherwise); you will have turbulent and sporadic relationships, marked by extreme highs and lows with very little stability.

Emotional relationships are stagnant as well as dysfunctional. They impeded the growth of all individuals who are invested in the relationship. Just look at people who have been dating or married for year and they still have the same fights, the same outlook, the same way of relating as they did when they first got together.

Values, purpose, and principles should anchor relationships. I know it isn’t Romantic (i.e.: Rooted in Roman culture and values), I know that there are no sappy songs that promote purpose and principles in relationships, I know there are no quirky movies that show people consciously and deliberately building a life together instead of falling in love; but you will have more fulfilling relationships if you abandon romantic notions.

Emotions help us navigate the world, but they shouldn’t be allowed to lead us.