I am a Haitian man and I support your view that Haiti must become the capital of the African Diaspora. It is the only successful slave revolt in history that gave birth to a nation. If I may ask, how in your view can Haiti become a powerful civilization, a place with a people strong enough to once again bring down European hegemony and this time for good? Thanks.

Haiti will only rise as far as Africa and the rest of the African Diaspora, so Pan-Africanism is the only viable way forward.

We have to formalized the links between African populations in the US, the Caribbean, Central and South America and expand to African and all other African populations. 

Haiti is well placed in history, culture, and even geography to be the vanguard for this.  There are some internal issues that Haiti must address but most of Haiti’s major issues are external.  Originating in the US and Western Europe.  The Africans in these lands must begin to lobby, advocate, and fight for Haiti’s interest.  Every African community in the US needs to adopt a community in Haiti as a Sister Community for the exchange of resources and mutual support. 

It will be a multi-generational process but we, the African Diaspora, have all the resources we need to begin down the path of rebuilding Haiti and secure global African Liberation, we just need to awaken more of our people to the necessity and viability of this goal. 

I’m tempted to do a step by step list but I fear that might oversimplify the task at hand, also as with any Revolutionary process there will be a need to adjust strategy and tactics, but never compromising our principles and our ultimate goal. 

Right now, today we need to begin to link and coordinate the efforts/resources of the few Africans who seek to make Pan-Africanism a global force, and link that to ongoing outreach and education to Africans who have yet to embrace Revolutionary Pan-Africanism; build internally, teach externally. 

I hope I at least touched the surface of your question, thanks for reaching out. 

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