On the “African” Anti-Homosexuality Movement

Black Puritains who love to praise Africa’s anti-Homosexuality stance
always fail to mention that the same Christian and Islamic fanatics who
are brutalizing African Homosexuals, who are killing them, and
subjecting African women to Corrective rape;
are the exact same ones murdering and brutalizing African children and
elders for  "witchcraft,“ and traditional African spirituality.  

I’m so sick of these Black Puritans
masquerading  as Africans or African-Centered promote the idea  they
are advancing African values or promoting  African interest when they
are not. The anti-homosexual policies is dictated by White Evangelicals!  We literally have Christian fascism and Islamic fundamentalism still ruling in Africa, and we got Black Puritans over here tell us it’s "African values and culture” at play.

I was raised in the church and I still held to Black Puritanical values
long after I left the “White man’s religions,” so I do understand where
you Black Puritans are coming from.  But how the fuck can you a line
yourself with African’s enemies, and their African puppets.  I mean
damn, even if you hate homosexuality, you should hate alien religions
and imperial rule more.  Right?

Also, I see many incompetent
and corrupt African leaders using anti-homosexuality as a smokescreen.  
They can’t bring the people housing, education, or sanitized water, but
they will protect them from homosexuality.  

These leaders tell
us that they are fighting homosexuality because it is a “White
sickness,” it is a “Western corruption,” but then these same leaders
turn around and allow Western nations to dump their toxic waste in
Africa, to pollute Africa’s lands and steal Africa’s resources.  When
have you seen an African leaders take as strong a stance against
Western, and now Asian Imperialism as they have taken against
homosexuals, and “witches?”  

Since we on the topic, when we
seen the Black Nationalist here go as hard against the cops and
parasitic businesses in our communities as they go against the Black
LGBTQ population?

So, after you are done questioning my manhood
and sexuality, look up what the fuck I’m saying here; and see that
these African leaders and Black Puritans are not trying to save us from
being turned gay by White Liberals, they are using this as a Wedge issue
to hide their own incompetence and corruption.  See who’s really behind
the anti-gay polices in Africa and how they are tied to attack on
African culture and larger populations. Even Robert Mugabe uses the issue to mask his own mismanagement of his nation’s resources. Look it up.

Take all the time you need to call me all the names you need to call
me, then look the fuck up what I’m saying!  Look up Evangelicals and
their ties to Africa’s anti-gay policies, and their connection to
lynchings of Africans who embrace traditional African medicine and