“Your Religion Is Like Your Genitalia…”

Christian tried to tell me, after I pointed out the absurdity of one of
her religious post, that her faith was personal and worthy of respect,
this was my response to her and all people of faith who imagine that
their beliefs and chosen religion are personal and above criticism or

‘The truth is…., there is nothing personal about your
Religion, Spirituality, or your relationship with God. You have accepted
an Imperial Religion that was imposed on your ancestors by Invaders,
Colonizers, and Enslavers; your relationship with your God is
historical, political, and very public (that’s why you post Religious
propaganda on your public social media page).

But, I know being
able to lie to yourself is central to being a believer, so you will keep
telling yourself that your relationship with God is “a personal
spiritual relationship,” but it ain’t, and can never be.

And I say that will all due respect and concern for you, not your soul, but for you as a biological, living being.’ – Diallo Kenyatta

I’m sharing this because I want Freethinkers, Atheist, Agnostics, Animist, Goddess Worshipers, Ancestral Worshipers, and all others who reject the Abrahmic Religions,
the Religions of Colonizers, all any other “accepted” faith; I want us
all to be as assertive, public, and open about our rejection of God,
Jesus, Allah, and Yahweh as we can be; and that goes for the oppressive
Eastern Faiths too, like Buddhism and Hindusim.

For centuries these World Religions
have gone across the world condemning indigenous faiths, killing and
mutilating non-believers, and mocking those who invent their own ways to
commune with the unknown.  These Believers have committed countless
atrocities and murdered billions of the years.  The Liberal Belivers try
to pretend that they can distances themselves from the crimes of their
Religion, but that’s like a Klansman trya say he ain’t got nothing to do
with the Racism and Lynching of the KKK.  If you in it, it’s in you,
your support of the Religion is support for it’s actions and impacts.

We, non-Believers have no reasons or obligations to respect any of
these faiths, their Holy Books, or the delusion of the followers of
these Imperial Religions.  

Non-Believers, I implore you to be as
confident in mocking Religion as the Believers are in sharing their
Religion, reject them, mock them, attack them with the truth about their
Religion and the lack of evidence for all the bullshit they believe.  
These Religions and those indoctrinated into them need to lose their
dominance and we need to show the world that you can be a good person
without the threat of hell fire, or some other stupid ass eternal

God ain’t real, and just because you chose to
believe in the unreal doesn’t mean anyone else is obligated to play
along with your pretending, especially if you worship a God imposed my
invaders and enslavers.

So, let’s work are hard to ‪#‎DEvangelize‬ as the Believers work to Evangelize humanity.

If you think my stance is extreme, then you don’t know the history of
the World’s Religions, and don’t understand the threats the posed to us
today, and that’s OK because most Believers don’t understand this
either.  Christianity understand the threat Islam presents.  Muslims
understand the threat Zionism presents.  Jew understand the threat
Evangelicals present.  But none of them are willing to look critically
at the threats their own faiths presents.  We non-Believers are the only
population that understand the threat they all of these World Religions


Your Religion is like your genitalia, it’s yours to hold, love, honor,
wear, and even share; but if you shove in the face of those who’ve not
consented to have it in their face, then you open yourself up to a
hostile response.  So get consent before you whip that shit out and put
it in other people’s faces, or at least brace yourself for unfavorable
responses if you post your shit online in a public forum.