The Slave Master’s Religion vs. The Slave Master’s Economy.

If you are a Black Capitalist and you have at any time in your life told a Black Christian that they are following the Religion of the Slave Master, you should find that Black Christian and apologize to them, then shut the fuck up about following the Slave Master, because Black Capitalist follow White “Masters” so closely that they can’t even imagine how the world would function without being saturated with Massa’s Fiat currency. Black Capitalist can’t imagine a world without Masters.

The only thing more absurd and self defeating than embracing the religion of your oppressor is embracing the economic system of your oppressor.

In fact, economic dependence and subjugation always preceded mass religions conversions.

I ain’t defending Black Christians, but Black Capitalist ain’t got no right criticizing no damn body about upholding ways we learned in slavery.

PS: If you are both a Black Capitalist and a Black Christian, you are a living Contradiction, warped in a Fallacy, and locked in a Delusion Box.

To quote Dr Claud Anderson; “you can’t even do wrong right,” so I’m not even sure if it’s worth even bothering trying to reason with such a person.