Diallo, google says America today is 238 years old, do you think America is going to last another 200 years or no? Better yet do you think what is called “western “civilization”” going to survive another 200 years? Speaking of google, what are your thoughts on google as a company and the fact that it has access to so much data and information about most things and many people? Do you fear that the government and corporations might have too much data about you and use it against you?

Well, there’s many ways to approach this; first, the America we’ve been taught to love and have pride has never ever existed, not even for one year.  The American based on Freedom, Justice, and the Pursuit of Happiness is fiction.  That America was simply an ad campaign constructed by the Colonial Landed White Male Gentry to motivate the White colonial masses to fight and die so that they could steal these lands away from the European Landed Gentry who stole these lands first.

Del Jones called America, or more accurately the United States a; “criminal enterprise founded by a bunch of criminals.”  Woodrow Wilson and later Bill Clinton confirmed this by publicly stating that “the Business of America is Business.”  The business of America is not Freedom, Justice, or Happiness, it’s not service to its citizens, it’s not Democracy; America is all about business.  In a capitalist system, the sole purpose of business is the generation of profit, profit is the extraction and concentration of wealth among the few; so America was founded for and exists to generate profit for whomever is vicious and cunning enough to secure and control the apparatus of the State; and from the beginning the State has been firmly in the grasp of various factions of White Male Elites. 

Now, these Savage White Elites have been around before America, they see America as a mere tool for profit generation, and they will exploit this nation total collapse if there is profit to be made.  These Elites also have plans and agendas in place to profit from the social and political disintegration of America, they have compounds all over the world to retreat to, from Dubai to the mountains of Peru, so they don’t really care if America falls, goes bankrupt, or is burnt up by Russian bombs.  They don’t give a fuck about any nation. 

So, once you understand what America is, you will see that America never really existed, so it can’t fall; but the mentality that invented American is much older than 238 years, and if humanity fails to subdue this mentality, it will only fall after it has destroyed the life sustaining capacity of the planet.

Also, Western Culture is an apocalyptic culture that has a powerful “death urge,” it only knows conquest, comodificaiotn, and destruction.  That’s what drives it, so I don’t even think it’s appropriate to call it Western Civilization.  In the popular sense Civilization is the “art of being civil, humane, just, and peaceful,” how can a culture that has is practiced by a small minority of humanity but has fought two World Wars, has had a hand in ever major conflict, massacre, genocide and war over the past several centuries, and has invented technologies and weapons that can kill every living thing in the world a thousand times over; how is that a Civilization?  That’s technological barbarity, hi-tech savagery; but not Civilization, I don’t care how many skyscrapers they erect or how many sculptures they produce.

So, like America, we have to first create Western Civilization before we can measure how viable it is, or how long it will last. 

A better question is, how long will the world be able to survive so-called Western “Civilization,” or Western Techno Savagery?  I wouldn’t give the world and its ecosystems another 100 years under White rule, so we must give our all to dismantle the Systems and Institutions of White Domination, Industrial Capitalism, and Western Cultural Contamination. 

I can imagine how my response to your questions on this issue can be frustrating, so I’ll give you an answer that assumes that American, the America defined in the Constitution, the American that exist in the minds of the indoctrinated masses is real; that American is in a rapid state of economic decline, and social degeneration; but due to it’s mass propaganda apparatus, the FRB’s ability to manipulate it’s fiat currency, and its entrenched police-state; the nation can conceivably hold on for the rest of the century and into the early parts of the next one, the biggest threat to this whole “democratic experiment” is Global Warming, that’s what most likely to bring this house of cards down, and it’s not a predictable phenomenon; but if projections hold up, global Warming could collapse all economies and complex societies in the next 25 to 75 years; there are nations that have already succumb to Global Warming calamities, and more fall every decade, so the US will likely be taken down by Global Warming before it has the chance to collapse under its own corruption within or just over 50 years.

I don’t fear or hide from corporations, what’s the point? 

Besides those in power generally move against people like me only when our ideas begin to resonate with the masses, so as long a more people are more interested in the latest iPhone, or the latest Shit Hop song from one of the dozens of over paid rapping Minstrels in the media, than they are in Radical Analysis and Revolutionary Organizing, then I can keep screaming in the dark and working in obscurity without much interference from the State, but they sure as fuck won’t hire me for shit, and our community ain’t too on supporting its Revolutionaries, so I guess they keep us in check by keeping us in poverty.

Also, the era of clandestine operations and secretive cabals is over.  The Global Elites have shown their naked hand, they have been on a rampage since the fall of the Soviet Union and communists no longer served as a check on their greed and conquest; they don’t pretend to give a fuck about national sovereignty, human rights, or aid to dependent nations and people, it’s a mad scramble for the remaining natural resources that haven’t already been plundered. China, America, and Western Europe are the lead nations in this scramble but other nations like India and Brazil want to join the big boys in the gang rape of Mother Nature.  Nothing is hidden anymore, the oppression is open, so must be the resistance.

Sorry about the length of the response, I kept is short as possible.