Blessings & Bloodlust.

When Christians say they are “Blessed,” or that you are “Blessed,” they are
being both ignorant and accurate, at least in the Western context.

If you look at the Etymology
of the word “Bless” it means Blood, literally.  To Bless something it
means to sprinkle or drench something in Blood.  The Pagan would spread
blood on their alters because they worshiped bloodthirsty gods, so that
had to offer Blood to carry the favor of their gods.  When Monotheism came to Central and Northern Europe they had to marry it to the Pagan religions in order to get the masses of Europeans to roll with it.

This is all common knowledge to anyone who’s to totally Spooked-Out by the myths of Christianity and the Bible.

But here’s we it gets deeper; this modern Western society and economy
has drenched everything in Blood, everything is based on death,
violence, destruction, and exploitation.  Everything.  There is nothing
that comes to our lives that is not drenched in Blood, from the money we
earn, the lands we dwell on, the gas for our cars, the simply and
extravagant pleasures we enjoy in this land, it’s all the result of
tremendous Bloodletting, massive killing, genocide.

Sometimes we do the killing for Elites, sometimes we do the dying, but
it’s all to sustain this sick system of White Domination that
Christianity is a significant component of, just like Capitalism and

So, if you just look around yourself, look at our
computer/smart phone, your clothing, the land you are sitting/standing
on, it’s all produced and brought to your through killing other people,
taking their resources, and forcing them to produce shit at slave wages
under the threat of violence.

So, if you see a good job, a nice
car, a raise in income, a new item, or any other fortunate event in your
life in this land as a “Blessing,” you are correct, it is drenched in
Blood, and others had to be sacrificed to bring you that fortune and

The only way to accept, enjoy, or properly use these
“Blessings,” or benefits and opportunities is to use them to attack and
subvert the very system that brings them to you at the expense of the
rest of humanity and the world’s ecosystems.  But we see that most
Christians don’t do that.  

Christians are so egotistical that
they think that Jesus, a man who shunned wealth, sacrificed his comfort,
and opposed all established institutions of power from the Government
to the Church would “Bless” them with new cars, money, and other shit
that’s not only counter to their faith but drenched in blood.  

They think “their Jesus” would hook them up with a good job as he allow
the bulk of humanity to starve because their faith is that strong and
Jesus love them (in particular) that much more than 3 billion other
people.  SMH.  Just think of how self-centered and warped to profess
that you are “Blessed and Highly Favored” in a world where the majority
of humanity dosen’t have adequate shelter, food, education, or other
basic accommodations.

We think that Prosperity Ministry is a new
thing, but gluttony, greed, over-consumption, and egocentrism has been
central to Christianity since Monotheism was brought to the Cave Men.

So, the next time you hear some one say; “I am so Blessed and Higly
Favored,” know that they are being very ignorant and totally accurate at
the same time.

Finally, I want to emphasize; I ain’t telling
anyone to be poor, to live in the dirt and never enjoy the “benefit” of
living within the Empire instead of in the lands bombed and suppressed
by the Empire, but the only way to be a good, Godly, decent, moral,
relevant person is to use your status as a Citizen (Whites) or Subject
(non-Whites) of the Empire is to use your opportunity and status to
fight the Empire from within.