Why are so many in the Black-American conscious community so stuck on Egypt/Kemet? Why is the focus there and not really in any other regions in Africa? Benin’s history is equally as impressive as Egypt’s or anywhere else in the world, especially in the past 500 or so years. One could say the same about MALI, Kenya, etc.

I hate to paraphrased Kola Boof, but she might be on to something; she stated that Blacks are stuck on KMT because those Africans don’t look too damn African.  We reject the darker and kinkier haired ancestors just like we reject the darker Brothers and Sisters today. It’s fucked up, but I think there’s an element of truth there. 

Also, Whites are fascinated and fixated on KMT, so it follows a pattern that what matters to Whites will matter to Black people while we still live under White domination. 

Just like when Whties have their wars with each other we take sides instead of remaining neutral and focusing on our own struggles.  In the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s Blacks were all debating the merits of Communism and Capitilism, now that White folks is off that, we are off that.  Today Blacks are all taking sides on Gay Rights, when we didn’t have an issue with that shit before White folks decided to make it an issue of it.  So, as Whites show special intrest in KMT over other regions and civilizations in African, so will Black people. That’s another ugly truth that I wish were not so.

Black in American were also subjected to intense anti-African propaganda since our forced entrance into the nation, and we often seek out any evidence of greatness within our history we can find, and again, in the past there was more information about KMT because of White people own fascination with that civilization and culture.  So in the late 1800s and early 1900s we consumed the works of Albert Chruchward and Gerald Massey, and other “Egyptologist,” because that’s all that was available to us.  Black scholars didn’t recive research grants (hell, they still don’t) to bring us knowledege from our home, so they had to dissect what ever White scholars were bringing back from Africa.

So, I wouldn’t be too hard on Blacks in America for their fixation of KMT, it’s a doorway to greater understanding of our larger history, and we’ve only been engaged in this rediscovery of our true history less than 100 years and that’s not enough time to recover our full history after centrues of forced illteracy and ignoraice of our true history.

Keep bringing this issue up, and when you find a Khemetian talking about KMT exclusively, use that opportunity to wake people up to the larger history of our people and their grand accomplishment.