What is up with the obsession with STEM? Many people from all backgrounds say anything other than science, tech, engineering and math is worthless. Then we have schools defunding the humanities, philosophy, art, political science, history is getting neglected. Then we have some blacks saying what we need is more blacks in tech, and that will get us towards liberation, but back then blacks were saying we just need a good classical education(humanities), and look where we’re at today.

STEM is trending because Black people have been indoctrinated to serve the needs, comforts, and interest of White people since we were enslaved by White people.  We have come to measure our humanity and our very worthiness (to exist) according to how well we can integrate into this toxic White society and how deeply we can internalize White worldviews and social theories.  This even applies to most of the so-called Black Nationalist and African-Centered Scholars.  The Black Nationalist and Afrocentrics just paint their White integration Red, Black, and Green; and drape their White internalization under Mud Cloth and Kente Cloth.

So we talking STEM only because White folks are talking STEM.  We pursuing STEM because we imagine it will give us an edge in our oppressor’s economy, give us a seat at our oppressor’s table.  We believen that STEM will demonstrate that we are fully human, fully worthy of our place in this nation, in the world.  I know it don’t seem that deep, but it is.  It’s that fucking deep.

At the turn of the last century when Booker T. Washington was the top Black leader in the US he was on the same shit as the STEM advocates are today.  Booker T. was all about, finding out what White people wanted, where White people were taking their society, how best can we position ourselves to serve White interests and thus show our worthiness to live in this White society.  People tried to twist Booker T’s philosophy into some liberation shit, but he was never about liberation; only about integration, dignified subjugation.

The Tuskegee Institute was never threat to White Domination (nor are any of the other HBCUs or Black academic programs), just like all these Black folk into STEM are not threat, they are tools, eager and willing servants of the White Power Structure.  

These STEM Blacks will be creating surveillance systems, constructing solar-powered Super-MAX prisons, programming better targeting systems for drone  bombers, they will be creating and sustaining the Technology of White World Domination.  

The bottomline is, education will not free a people.  We were more educated than the muthafuckas who colonized and enslaved us.  We are literally invaded by disease ridden, savage, barbarians; and our centuries of accumulated knowledge did not protect us.  So, folks talking that “education = freedom” shit are selling snake oil.

Truth is, the only thing that will free a people and sustain a people will to be free is a Culture spanning, ingrained will to be free, that’s it.  It don’t matter if you are a nation of illiterate herdsmen like in Afghanistan, or malnourished rice farmers in Vietnam, if you culture is a Freedom & Liberation culture, a culture that ingrand it’s youth with the proper identity and will to resist, you will have freedom.  You will be able to fight the most advanced armies in the world to a defeat or a standstill, even though you lack the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math skill.

The other side of that coin is you can have both millions of your people educated in STEM, you have even add that to millions of you people being worth millions or even billions of dollars; yet you will be running around the world screaming #BlackLivesMatter, and having the world mock that very assertion in return.  

STEM is only a tool, like a gun; if you don’t have a liberation culture and a liberation agenda, then that tool will be used against you.  

The other bottomline is: Educated Slaves are an asset to their Masters, Educated Rebels are a threat.

Ideological Cultivation is much, much more important than Academic Education (esp. Since the US is all about mass Indoctrination within its educational systems).

If you woke/conscious/Revolutionary, do STEM, do Humanities, do art and music, pursue your interest and your whims, cuz all things at your disposal are assets for you and your people.  If you sleep then all you do will only further entrench your oppression and serve your oppressor.

I wish I could say more, this topic provokes so much confusion, people think I’m anti-education, but I think we’ll collectively struggle with this issue for the foreseeable future.