this is the screenshot for the anaconda parody

it rubs me the wrong way

i can’t find the link off facebook

but if you’ve seen it let me know what your thoughts are

Here’s the link to the YouTube video.

A white man made this.

And basically it took the video that divorced Black women’s bodies from the white gaze and put it right back in the white gaze. Not to mention the fetishizing and attack on Nicki Minaj for having a “fake ass”.

I wonder if people know how ass shots actually work.

This video was gross and insulting and just…ugh.

thank you for providing the link. the fact that it was made by a white man only confirms all of my issues with this video. through out the video, there are white men twisting their faces in disgust at her body. that, plus literally calling her a “whore” makes this video unbearable. i’m not here to debate what is or isn’t real on nicki or anything like that, because none of that matters. but making a video calling her dumb and essentially calling her worthless is beyond offensive.

thanks for your thoughts. i thought it was just me

until i found out some white dude made this

Do you Sisters imagine that there are no “White Dudes” behind Nicki Minaj’s career, branding, image, lyrics, promotion, management, legal representation, etc?  Is the original video also gross and disgusting?  Nicki, as far as I know has also attacked other female performers, right, like that “Stupid Hoe” song.

I’m not defending this parody, but I’m confused by the rationale for condemning it, and defending Minaj. 

All that shit looks like one big Minstrel Show to me, I can’t find any defensible elements, with Minaj or the parody, please enlighten me.