Minstrels Speaking for Massa…

Goddammit, listen you muthafuckin New Negros!!!!!…

There are Black political prisoners, Black exiles, Blacks who are falsely incarcerated, Blacks suffering atrocities, hell there are even corrupt Black Elite who get exposed all over this fucking World! In every single corner of the fucking World!

So if you wanna use your prominent position as a Ball-Chaser, or as a Minstrel Entertainer to speak out, to ask for forgiveness for someone who’s been busted doing some dirt, if you want to adopt a fucking cause or issue, make fucking well sure that it’s BLACK, how fucking hard is that to fucking figure out!!!


I mean damn, I though it was bad when New Negros were making excuses for Obama, Condi Rice, or Clarance Thomas; now I miss those days.

Now these Stockholm syndrome afflicted, “We Sick Boss” Syndrome suffering, Boot Licking, Buck Dancing, punk-ass New Negros ain’t satisfied with just picking cotton and generating profits for Massa, now they gotta be the fucking Public Spokesperson for them? They gotta call for forgiveness and understanding for muthafuckas who ain’t even asked for forgiveness and understanding?!?!

I wish I was caught up in the consumerism and materialism, or that I directly supported these Minstrels in any way just so I could stop doing that shit when they show their asses in the public media.

But I don’t buy these muthafuckas movies, or listen to their music, I don’t wear the fashions they endorse, so all I can do is just get more disappointed in them than I was before.

Please starve these muthfuckas to the best of your ability, for the sake of self respect if nothing else. Rip them damn posters off yall kids walls, don’t buy tickets to the shows, and hit up the clearance rack only when you shop…..do something!