The Black Feminist Dilemma

Black Feminist refused to admit that Feminism is about Gender Equality, that Feminist have been fighting since the
Women’s sufferage Movement for equal rights, opportunity, and pay with (White) men!
If they admitted that, then they’d have to admit that it would be absurd for Feminist to fight for equality with Black men cuz we ain’t never had our human & civil rights fully actualized either, and for many Feminist, securing equality with the average Black man would mean they’d have to step down in Life Expectancy, while going up in Incarceration Rates, Homicides, Chronic Disease, etc. They would have to join us no-account Black men on our “mama’s couch;” and who the fuck would wanna fight for that?
Black Feminist are either Stupid or too Lazy to construct an analysis that accepts that Black men are also an Oppressed demographic, and implement solutions for Black women that take that into full account.
Or, as I suspect, that Black Feminist are so obsessed with being arm-in-arm with White Feminist that they will erect Black men as equal to White men so that they can appear to have common cause with White Feminist.
So Black Feminist try to equate Black Crime with White Privilege, they struggle to equate the ability to commit a crime with the Power create Laws and Legitimize Atrocities. Then when you point out that the two are not equal; they accuse you of denying that Black men Kill, Rape, Molest, etc. SMH. Again, it’s either Stupidity or Laziness on their part.
We can denounce, and work to end Domestic Violence without equating it to Global Hegemony, we don’t have to pretend that a drive-by is the same as a carpet bombing in order to implement movements to address them both; we don’t have to pretend that Reggie Bush abusing his daughter is the same as George Bush killing over 1million people in the Middle East and Africa in order to denounce them both and organize against child abuse & Global Imperialism! It’s not really that hard understand…., if you are really honest about your intentions to bring justice.
Putting Crimes, and Atrocities, along with those who commit them in the proper Political, Historical, and Racial context is not denying or excusing them, it’s an attempt to better understand so that we can better address the problem!
Here’s the dilemma I think Black Feminist truly face; that drives them to the brink of absurdity: To acknowledge that White men and women oppress all Black people (even though that oppression may manifest and impact us differently depending on our gender, sexuality, class, ethnicity, etc) would drive a rift between Black Feminist and White Feminist that most Black Feminist want to avoid.
Straight Black men are the Straight Men of Black people (for better and for worse), and Black men, women, children, and elders are all under White Oppression, and we have to address then internal contractions and abuses born of Oppression as we unite to dismantle the larger Systems and Institution of Oppression.
But I must, and sadly conclude that being Unified with White Women (or see as equal to them) is more important than Liberation of All Black People to most Black Feminist. This base on decades of reading and engaging with Black Feminist.
Black Feminist hold as strongly to it as Black Christians, Black Capitalist, Black Muslims hold to their Alien Ideologies; they go back and rewrite history to Blackify their chosen ideology.
You have Black Feminist calling Ida B. Wells and Sojourner Truth, “Feminist,” it’s no different than Black Muslims saying the Prophet was a Black man, or that Islam started in Africa. It’s no different than Black Integrationsist pushing the John Hanson was the first president Bullshit.
But I digress…., I’m done.
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