Brother Diallo, I know you have been studying history for a while, so why in your educated opinion,is it that whites whenever they encountered new peoples and new cultures always sought to dominate them rather than cooperate or partner with them? History books either avoid or don’t fully address this question.

In all my years of study I have not found one instance in history where White people have encountered other, or outside cultures, races, nations and did not embark on a campaign of conquest, colonization, systematic rape, genocide, and distortion of their motivations and actions.  

This behavior is not reserved for POCs either, the first victims of Western Aggression, of their enslavement, colonization, and genocide were other White tribes, cultures, and nations.  

Now, since Whites are in power, the promote the false idea that this is a “human trait,” or just the “way of mankind,” but there are many instances where non-Whites have encounter Whites and did not engage in these behaviors.  In fact, 99% of the time when you here Whites talk about “Human Nature,” or “Mankind” they are attempting to dilute their atrocities and pretend that all of humanity is responsible for shit that is particular to them. Like when they say shit like “it’s just Human Nature to wage perpetual war;” or “Mankind has polluted the world.”  
It’s frustrating cuz many non-Whites start talking that same “Human Nature, and Mankind” bullshit.