Is it lonely being a social justice warrior?

You musta missed my write up on SJWs (

The short answer is: I don’t know, I’m not a SJW, nor do I know any SJWs, or if I do they hide the SJW status from me, like I only know Clarks and Bruces, but no Batmen or Supermen.

Now, if you ask me: Is it lonely being a Poor, educated, Revolutionary, Pan-Africanist, Vegan, Anti-Theist I could tell you, cuz that’s what I is.

I’m not lonely, hell, I’m able to hold to some ideologies that some think are extreme and I still have a full family and social life.  I’m surrounded and supported by people with common cause, and by those who have divergent ideologies and approaches to life.  I don’t demand that people around me think or do like I do.  I have open lines of communication with all of my relatives and family; and I visit them as often as time permits.  I have homies, new homies and back in the day homies I build with.  It’s all good with.  I even have homies that I constantly argue and debate with, or that I rarely talk to but if I need to call on them they’ll have my back, and vice versa. 

Life is good and abundant if people can see that you are real.  Even people that fucking hate you will sustain a level of respect for you (unless they are complete sociopaths) if you are real, even if you are an asshole or a bastard.

You don’t have to be a Saint, or pretend to be a Warrior (even though you ain’t never been shot or stabbed or shot or stabbed anyone) to have respect and the company of other people of quality, you just gotta be consistent on this shit you claim to be about, even if what you claim to be about is relatively minor.