Black Achievement Under White Oppression.

Stop celebrating Black Achievement under White Oppression!  Only celebrate Black Resistance!  

I’m sick of people posting about some brilliant Black mind getting into
elite White universities.  Da’ fuck you think they gon do to that
brilliant Black mind?

I’m sick of seeing people post about how
some Black person has made millions engaged in capitalistic practices.
Da’ fuck you think they gon have to do to sustain and grow that money?

I’m sick of seeing people post about some Black person being the first
to do this or that. You think they gon be any fucking different in that
post or position than all the Whites that held that post or position
before them?

I’m even sick of people celebrating some random
Black person who opens a business, like that’s something special; we
invented economics and established the first markets.  Fuck we
celebrating getting back to were we was centuries ago; that ain’t
progress, that’s getting up to zero.  Da’ fuck all these Black business
owners do with them profits?  What struggles are they funding?!?

You see White folks celebrating Whites who join ISIS?
You see Jews celebrating Jews who join the PLO?
You see Muslims celebrating Muslims who convert to Catholicism?

Until we have our own Systems and Institutions what the fuck we got to
celebrate? What the fuck are all these talented and brilliant Black
people gonna do besides contribute to the Systems and Institutions of
our Oppressors?

Celebrate Black Resistance, in all forms.  

Besides, excellence and achievement should be an afterthought, our
natural and common state, nothing to celebrate; unless it’s used to
advance Black Resistance.  

Flip the fucking paradigms!