With the revelation that global whiskey brand Jack Daniels was created with the help of a black man Nearis Green 150 years after it was created, I wonder what else white folk are saying they built and invented while it really was invented and built by black people?

The (unwritten) Law and Practices dictate that all things created by a Slave is Property of their Master.  

So, when a people are enslaved, their time, talents, and resources need to be given over to the struggle for Liberation above all else or our creations will end up in the hands of our Oppressors, from Jack Daniels to Hip Hop.  

I don’t even get inspired or pride from the long list of Black Inventions and Black Achievements on behalf of America or any other oppressive System or Institions, it really is nothing to celebrate, no matter what the Integrationist Negros tell us.  

I celebrate, take pride in, and work to duplicate acts of resistance against, not Black contributions to our Oppressors and their Institutions.