We Are All MisEducated, But for Different Purpoes & Outcomes.

Whenever you wanna get down on the Black community for being Unconscious or
ignorant; I’d advise you to find an average White American to talk to
about any historical or current issues of importance.

I swear; Whites are the most indoctrinated, misinformed, propagandized, and delusional demographic in this nation.  

I’m not talking about the poor Whites like those Appalacian Whites, I’m talking about the affluent Whites, the Whites we work for.  

I’ve had a White professor at UMKC, one who was a military historian,
who taught military cadets at Leavenworth Military Base, who came up in a
military family, who had visited US military bases all over the world,
who was a tenured professor at a large urban university tell me that;
“the US military fights wars to defend and spread democracy and
freedom.”  NO fucking lie!  

I was waiting for the punch line, I
seriously thought she was just saying that to get a rise out of the
class, but I was the only Brotha in the class and them middle-class
White kids just nodded in agreement.  

I’ve got many more experiences like this with White doctors and scholars who spew easily disputable myths as facts.

We are all lied to and dumbed down in this system, Capitalism needs a
population that can perform technical and complex task, but it can’t
thrive with a population that is capable of critical thinking.  So we
are trained to be good workers while being subjected to conditioning to
destroy our capacity to think, to truly think.

The real
departure between Blacks and Whites is not in that we are ignorant and
they are knowledgeable, it is in the purposes and outcomes of our
ignorance and theirs.  

Black people are miseducated in order to keep us under oppression.

Whites are generally miseducated in order to justify their hold on
power, and to avoid exposing the White collective psyche to the depth of
the atrocities that their status and privilege is rooted in.