Brother Diallo, have you read Dylann Storm Roof’s manifesto yet? Really would be interested in your analysis and assessment of it. His manifesto is the typical bullshit about Black people, but his thoughts on East Asians and Hispanics are interesting.

I have not read it, I don’t intend to read it.  I’m sure it’s a total waste of time.  Like you said, “his manifesto is the typical bullshit,” I already know the typical bullshit.

I think these low level White Aggressors get all the attention, when our real problems are the policy makers, those who establish health policy, the Whites who never utter the N-word (in public), who are respectful and sensitive. Those that negotiate international trade deals, who set up “aid programs” in African and fund “community development” in the Black community. 

Those that wear tailored suits or pristine lab coats to work.  Our real problem are the Liberals and mainstream Conservatives, they are the ones who sustain us in multigenerational oppression, the very oppression that prevents us from mounting defensive structures to protect us from the poor, uneducated, White Aggressors that go on these shooting sprees. 

Roof is in the clutches of his people’s legal system, and they are calling for the death penalty.  He will be another notch on their murderous history, but it will not change the larger agenda of oppression and omnicide, and it has not mover the Black community to chage our general outlook and approach. 

So Roof’s Reactionary efforts were met with more Reactionism on the part of the Black community.  The Black Integrationist have been doing this dance with White Aggressors for the past 100+ years and they not about to change the tune.

Whites will also do their typical bullshit of distorting the truth, excusing and rationalize the Aggressor, and trying to control and contain the Black response.

We who are Revolutionary cannot be distracted, we need to understand White Domination and Aggression at all levels, and not allow outburst, or Reactionism to derail our long-term outlook and agendas.

We can mourn with our people, we can share in their pain and sorrow, but we can be distracted along with them, we don’t have that luxury.  We should present the larger community with a viable plan for liberation and protect; if they join us, great, if not, leave them to their Integrationist Reactionary Responses.  Keep this incident in it’s proper context, and know that there will be more to come. 

If attacks from individual’s like Roof do not inspire Black individuals or groups to Revolutionary Action, then there’s really nothing else that can be done, but watch the sining, praying, marching, and protest, until the next major media event distracts us from this current one, or until the next White atrocity is shown in the corporate media (because we don’t get up in arms about the atrocities that don’t make the headlines, or prime-time TV.)