On Black Male Feminist.


There is a crop of Black men who simply adopt Feminist terminology and rhetoric, and assert that they have fulfilled their obligation to Black women and their struggle.

I’ve encountered a few of these chumps over the last few days, some cat said I was “Manplaining,” when I was giving my analysis of Feminism and it’s impact on the Black community.

Another dude implied that if you are not (blindly, and uncritically) embracing Feminism, they you support rape. Like that’s the only two options in the world, pro-Feminism or pro-Rape; false dichotomy boosting ass muthafucka offended the hell outta me.

I literally had people telling me that it’s “wrong to rape” women, as if I didn’t know that shit, or as if I was advocating rape when I asserted that “Feminism is merely a branch on the tree of White Domination, that it is a White ideology and agenda that dosen’t seek to address or solve the unique issues of Black women.”

Some Feminist read that as: “Raping women is OK.” SMH.

I know there are some Brothers who just want to show solidarity and support to Black women as they organize to end Misogyny, and the unrelenting attack against Black women in society, and within the Black community. Feminism manipulates that desire, and takes Black men from fighting White Domination coming from outside, and the abuse and misogyny from within the community to policing the words and analysis of other Black men who have the same damn mission.

Feminism moves Black men from allying and fighting with Black women to Defending Feminism; and they can’t even see the fucking difference between the two.

Plus these Black Male Feminist are just so proud of how enlightened they are for embracing Feminism, and spewing Feminist terms like “manplaininig.” It’s fucking ridiculous.

If you doubt my statement about Feminist Black Men defending Feminism, instead of Black women, just watch what happens they these Black Male Feminist encounter a Black woman who’s anti-Feminism, who rejects Feminism, who supports Black men, who but the Pan-African and Black Liberation agenda before the Feminist agendas; watch how they attack, degrade, ignore, belittle, and take a paternalistic attitude towards the Sister.

I think Obama is the top Black Male Feminist in the world, and he’s the best example, under his administration White women have made great strides; we have more White women in the US senate than at any time in US history, he’s appointed White women to positions they’ve never held before, he pushed for legislation giving women fair pay and keeps fighting for it. But look at Black women under Obama, increased incarceration, poverty, and neglect. When Obama talks to poor Black women he is as paternalistic as any other Black Male Feminist is when they encounter a Black woman who’s outside the Feminist Box.

When you look globally, Obama has been even a grater disaster for poor and working-class Black women and women of color in general; he not only continued the campaign of conquest started by Bush and Clinton he intensified the bombings and invasions, and it’s well know that the War on Terror hurts women more then any other demographic in the targeted nations. The atrocities in the Congo have been ignored by his administration, and his overthrow of the Libyan government lead to the mass rape and murder of Black women.

To put the muthafuckin cherry on the muthafuckin cake Obama put our Queen Mother, Assata Shakur on the Terrorist List, and she’s likely to be on his personal Kill List, but that’s confidential.

So, fuck you Black Male Feminist, yall don’t even know the difference between defending Black women and defending Feminism.