I’m of the mind that there will never be true black liberation. 98% of black people on the planet have not even begun or are interested in decolonizing their language, thoughts, and actions, and let’s not even go to black folk gearing for war against white supremacy/domination, it’s not happening. Plus global catastrophic climate change is a guarantee and white supremacist governments (Russia, USA especially) have redundant warheads ready to detonate. It’s hopeless.

OK. Fine.

Then you can take your unverified statistics about Black people, your lack of understanding of Global Warming, Climate Change, and Peak Resources and their potentiality impacts on global power balances, and your failure to see, after decades of Western and Eastern superpower military failures that Nukes are not indicators of military success; take all of that and enjoy whatever pleasures and opportunities the Systems and Institutions of White Domination will allow you.

I have obviously reach much different conclusions, I don’t see the Systems and Institutions of White Domination as all-powerful, or everlasting, I see it toppling under its own contradictions and corruption and it’s my task to organize people who haven’t surrendered to accelerate the inevitable collapse of Capitalism and White Domination.  I also know the history of my people and that we have been making steady progress to reasserting ourselves on the global stage continuously since we got off the plantations and forces an end to direct colonization of our Continent.  The progress is slow…too slow for my taste, but it’s steady.

So, thanks for sharing your unsolicited and incomplete opinions.  Take care, or don’t, I don’t care. 

Oh, and let me leave you with a line from a poem I wrote years ago: 

It don’t matter if we win as long as we fight.
I don’t wanna live long if I can’t live right.

I really like that line, and I figured I’d use this opportunity to post it again.