Thoughts on climate change? Overwhelming amount of white racist conservative conspiracy theorists don’t believe it. There are quite a few black conspiracy theorists that don’t believe it either.

Global Warming is real and the greatest threat to the world’s ecosystems, all complex lifeforms, and to humanity. 

I would not waste time working in or with an Organization that did not acknowledge Global Warming and that fail to make the issue central to its organization efforts and agenda.

I’ve been studying the issue and the claims for over a decade, I’ve read extensively the White Nationalist side of the issue too, those who talk that BS about GW being a plot of the New World Order to destroy National Sovereignty and to undermine Capitalism and US economic power by limiting the amount of carbon based fuels extracted and burned to keep Capitalism and Western Nations afloat.  They are full of shit, or insane, or both.

Their opposition of GW is ideological, not scientific.  The Puritanical Black Nationalist who are always listening to these White Nationalist rant about Global Warming being a Hoax and the impending New World Order are dumber than the White people they parrot. 

Also, the people who think God is in control and all this shit evidence of his prophecies are also ludicrous and dangerous. 

I’ll stop here before I start cussing. 

Educate yourself on the science of the issue Anon, then do what you can to reduce you personal carbon footprint; like going Vegan, living in a population dense area, or a rural “off-grid” area, cycling and walking when ever possible, etc; then join a larger struggle that has a plan for addressing Global Warming and the larger systems of oppression that brought humanity to this point.