Find Me One…

Find me one Asian, European, Arab, or Native American nation where
the majority of the population worship Obatala, Egun, Ra, Maat; or any
other African God or spiritualist System.

Show me a population of
non-African people where, when you say the word God to them, an image
of a Black man or Black Woman pops into their heads.  Where they have
Black gods on their walls, where all things Good and Pure are associated
with the color Black.

Show me a population of non-African people
who, from birth, indoctrinate their children into deifying African
Gods, and worshiping according to African values and culture.  

Show me one fucking population like this and I’ll end my “disrespect”
of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism, and the many Racist Eastern
religions to.  

But the sick fact is you’d; be hard pressed to
find a African population that fits these criteria let alone a
non-African population.  

So, until the Black masses treat these
Alien Gods and Alien Religions with the contempt their founders treated
the Gods and Religions of our Ancestors, we will be captives of other
peoples, even when we drive them off our lands, even when we get the
same degrees or accumulate the same amount of money as these other
peoples, because they have captured our Concept of God and Divinity, and
once you do that, everything else a people have is yours for the

Give them Back their Muthafuckin Gods!