You thoughts on Theblackauthority aka Jason Black?

He is a weird hybrid of Anti-Blackism, Self-Hatred, Militant Negroism, Acontexutual Analysis, and Radical Integrationism. 

I don’t know why Fox News or some other Racist network hasn’t snatched him up yet and given him a contract, he does their work for them, better than they do.

As Kwame Ture always informed us; “a half truth is more dangerous than a full lie."  So the fact that Mr. Black infuses his post with some minor facts, and he speaks with passion makes his nonsensical rantings seem valid to the unstudied or to other Self-Hating Black people.

New Negros used to openly express their hatred and rejection of the Race and their embrace of White culture and values, but today they are more cunning; now they attack us "for our own good.” New Negros now pretend that they are down for the Cause and the Black community, and that they are trying to help us improve, as they only tear us down and leave our enemies blameless.

There is an old method in Politics that instructs one to “attack that which can’t be defended, and defend that which can’t be attacked."  So individuals like Mr. Black go at the low hanging fruit, and the obvious issues and inflate them to be the ultimate and only problems of our people, but they never get to the core of any issues, or the real sources.  In fact they often defend the Systems and Institutions of oppression while they blame all our problems on the poor and undereducated. 

I think his type have always been with us, and that they are internal enemies of our best interest.