How to Create a Ghetto.

The ghetto is an unnatural state for any people. For a dominate culture to maintain a minority in ghetto conditions they must commit considerable resources to the endeavor. If you simply put a people in a ghetto and left them alone they would transform it into a community in a short amount of time.

That is why the U.S. government and other powerful interest limit the amount of opportunity and resources available to people in the ghetto. They corrupt the culture of the ghetto (hip-hop was positive and revolutionary like early R&B, jazz, and the blues until dominate culture took control of it). The CIA funneled crack cocaine into the ghetto and allowed drug dealers to operate with impunity. The government gave money and power to the most corrupt and unskilled individuals within the ghetto (preachers, single teenaged mothers, the mentally ill, etc.), thus subsiding the madness. They deliberately broke up families with denial of food stamps and welfare to poor married couples in the ghetto.

The list of physical, psychological, and spiritual attacks against the ghetto (Black) population is long and public. No Black person in the U.S. ever created or maintained a ghetto, we can only be blamed for failing to mount an effective counterattack against a hostile and relentless enemy. It has always been the goal of imperialist, those who commit genocide, oppressors, enslavers, and the like to hide their intentions and set up scenarios that make it appear that the victims are the guilty party or at least brought the conditions they face upon themselves.