Pan-African PSA: Some Clarity on Some Issues.

Colonialism requires Genocidal Oppression within the target nation/land.

Settler colonialism requires Genocidal Extermination of the Native Inhabitants of the target nation/land.

Neo-colonialism requires that the Genocidal Oppression be masked, it’s best if the killing is done by the targeted Population as a results of conditions imposed by the Colonizers, and with weapons provided by the Colonizers.

Every African on this planet, from continental Africans to the African diaspora is under one or more of these Genocidal Systems.

Every African who is not actively engaged in opposing Colonialism, Settler Colonialism, and Neo-Colonialism is an ally/agent/servant of our enemies, they support those who are imposing Genocide on the Global African Community.

Colonialism is the method/process/tactic of the Systems and Institutions of Global White Domination, but it has also been adopted by emerging and minor Capitalistic powers like China and the Arab Oil Oligarchies.

The Capitalist, Colonialist, and those who seek to join or replace Global White Domination with their own form of World Domination are our enemies; its elites, enforcers, and supporters are who we must oppose and displace.

Dismantling the Systems and Institutions of Global White Domination, and the end of all forms of Colonialism are the only solutions to the major and ongoing problems that plague the Black community, from multigenerational poverty, to Black-on-Black Violence, to Self-Hate and Disunity.

Any one who seeks to lead the Black community, or presents themselves as having solutions for the Black community, but fail to articulate and target these specific issues, is lying, an agent, or simply too incompetent to lead.

This is a Radical understanding, an understanding that hits at the root/seed/core of our issues. We must be Radical and Revolutionary, we must deal with the core if we are to not only be Liberated, but survive as a People.