My Appeal to the Uncle Toms & Aunnty Toms of the World:

I try to tell the Uncle and Aunty Toms that they should be on the front lines of the Revolutionary Pan-African Liberation struggle.

I try to show them how ruling the world and expanding the Western culture and economy across the globe is hurting the White people they love so much. I try to introduce them to White scholars…(because for Uncle and Aunty Toms, that’s the only voice of authority on earth until White Jesus returns)…that have concluded that Western Culture has a “death urge,” and not only should Western Culture be shunned by non-Whites, but White people should give it all up too.

I try to tell Uncle and Aunty Toms that their enabling of Global White Domination will eventually lead to not only the extinction of most complex life forms and all of humanity, but eventually the Whites will join us in extinction. I know they think Whites are supreme and godlike, but they will fair no better on a dead planet than the rest of us.

So I say once again; Uncle Toms and Aunty Toms; stop your relentless pursuit of full integration with Whites, your quest to accumulate as much Fiat currency as Whitey will pay you, and your absolute refusal to join with or even acknowledge anything that is African in origin, and Liberate the World so that there will still be White people around…(plus non-Whites, which I know you don’t really care about)…for you and your descendants to follow and worship for centuries to come.

If you Toms fight as hard for the Liberation Struggle as you do to keep Whites on their pedestal the Revolution will we over and won in just a few short years, and you can all run to Europe, or the Suburbs of America and live happily ever after.

[Image Credit: ‘The Liberation of Uncle Ben & Aunt Jemima,’ by Renee Cox.]