It’s On US…

1. Name a Race/Ethnicity/Nation of people who Europeans came into contact with that they did not attempt to enslave, colonized, and/or exterminate.

2. Name a Nation that is currently vulnerable to Western/European/American aggression, exploitation, invasion, resources rape, and/or neocolonization but are not currently subject to some if not all of these by the West/Europe/US.

3. Name a Law or Treaty the the West/Europe/America has not violated when that law or treaty conflicted with the West economic, political, or ideological agendas and interest.

4. Name any span in US history, up to toady where there was not active policy or program directed towards the Black community to disrupt and subordinate our community, from Chattel Slavery, to Jim Crow, to COINTELPRO, to the War on Drugs, to The New Jim Crow; and so many more.

Now for the most important issue we need to address:

5. How has our resistance, from methods and tactics, to goals and agendas changed or evolved over the last 100+ years? What are we doing now in response to unrelenting and genocidal oppression that our ancestors didn’t do, what are some of the methods that we’ve deemed ineffective and abandoned, what are new tactics we are deploying that were not utilized or under utilized by our recent ancestors?

Since the Systems and Institutions of White Domination have finally shed the Illusion of Inclusion that Obama worked so hard to sustain for them, and once again they have exposed the Myth of Black Progress to the masses of our people, it’s time we had a sober and deep review of reality, especially now that we in the Struggle have the attention of folks who would have, just a few month ago no been willing to listen to anything a Black Nationalist, Pan-African Revolutionist, or even a Black Activist had to say; they were signing up for Pharell’s “New Negro” movement and ideology.

It’s a unique sensation to have so many people in the community all at once sharing the outrage that I’ve lived with consistently since I was 14 years old. If we who are conscious all this to once again dissipate without any organizational or institutional advances for the Pan-African Struggle, we can’t blame the masses, it’s on us.

If the New Negro Integrations succeed in fulfilling their duties to Mass, and direct the Black communities outrage and energies toward empty and transient Reforms and concession, then we have ourselves to blame.

If we fail to educate our people and mobilize them to internationalize this struggle, to demonstrate to them that what we suffer now is not rare, nor is it isolated to the US, but we we are being hit with her is just one aspect of a Global System of Oppression, and that we have allies all over the world that we need to connect with and coordinate our efforts with, (and we need to stop fucking supporting US imperialism, like we did with Obama’s actions in Haiti, Libya, Palestine, etc., etc., etc.)

Once again, through it’s atrocities, our Oppressors have given us an opportunity to demonstrate to our communities the viability of our ideas and actions, it awaken our communities from their slumber, and it has shown it’s oppressive and unjust hand to be bare, clinched, and blood.

These atrocities are not new, surprising, or even upsetting to me at this point (are I should say that can can’t get any more upset than I’ve been, I guess your can’t get pissed if you say pissed), what does shock me is our continuing failure to mount effective opposition to our oppression.

It is on us, it’s always been on us, let’s not waste time trying to improve a system that has proven to be incapable of giving us a modicum of justice and peace, and begin the State-Craft of creating an independent and viable Pan-African Institutions to sustain and advance us.