White Morality.

I swear, I don’t understand White Morality; I’ve been trying my damndest, but I just don’t understand.

Godly White folks are rallying around Kim Davis (county clerk)
for her stand in defense of marriage, after the woman has shown little
to no respect for the Institution of Marriage in her own life.

Also, given the crimes and atrocities of the State, why do White people
get enraged and assert their religious values around Gay marriage, legal
abortion, and prayer in school while ignoring Genocide, Imperlism, and Ecocide carried out by their “One Nation Under God?”

Hacks like Kim Davis, George Zimmerman, and Officer Darren Wilson get all this love and support of the Whites, but the White masses show utter contempt for real White heroes like Bradley Manning (nka: Chelsea Manning), Edward Snowden, and Medea Benjamin.

What’s up with that; can a kind White person please explain White morality to me?

There are some Blacks who assert that there are no Good Whites, that
the White man is the Devil, and I hate to play the Devil’s Advocate; but
I’m often motivated to point our that there are good Whites, but the
White masses hate the good Whites as much as they hate non-Whites.  When
good Whites are not demonized in the Western media they are simply

So, we have yet another self-serving, hypocritical White
villain erected as a moral and godly hero; Kim Davis was not the first
and she will not be the last.  That’s fucked up.  Just think of all the
White children being taught to look up to such disgusting people like George Washinton, President Ronald Reagan,
and local heroes like Kim Davis; what hope is there for the White youth
when these are their heroes, their role models. *Sheds solitary tear.*

Just imagine if Blacks promoted Justice Clarence Thomas, or Mobutu Sese Seko as our heroes?  How would that impact our collective thinking and behaviors?  

Anyway, if we were as critical of White behaviors as we are of our own,
we’d see that we are not as bad as we think we are and they ain’t as

But when you give a critical look at those who rule you’re
called a “crazy militant,” when you look critically at Blacks you are
responsible and honest.  LoL!

Anyway, fuck-it.  I guess I’ll let them have their heroes, what business is it of ours?