We Africans!

Question: why all of these populations and cults of Black people promote the idea that the original Native Americas, the original Arabs, the original Asians, and even the original Europeans were Black?

I think it’s more about escaping or rejecting African than exposing the truth about the origins of these various non-African lands.

If you trying to secure a non-African origin or identity, even if you do so by trying to establish that some other non-African population or nation was “originally Black,” you are no different than all other Integrationaist, Self-Hating Black people.

I’m sorry, but it’s true; how we fucking talking about “original” Blacks, when we ain’t secure current Blacks, we ain’t secured our hold on Africa and you laying claim to lands based on some obscure and mythologized history?

The Original Africans were Black & the Current Africans are Black, build on that!

We are African, and that’s more than enough!


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