Alright, we know that there was a lot of agents & informants in the black panther party. Who was not an agent nor informant within the black panther party? I asked, because I heard Huey P. Newton & Eldridge Cleaver were agents.

  1. Fred Hampton.
  2. Assata Shakur.
  3. Pete O’Neal.
  4. Geronimo Pratt.
  5. Stokely Carmichael
  6. Charlotte O’Neal
  7. Bunchy Carter
  8. Bobby Hutton
  9. Akua Njeri
  10. The thousands of committed Black Panthers in Chapters all over the world. 

I’ll stop at ten, research the first 9, and the overall history of the Panther Struggle.  I wanted to list more but I think after some initial study you’ll encounter the rest and have a more holisitc view of the Struggle and or ancestor’s contributions and sacrifices.