Their time is up! That’s why they’re so desperate, right?! The know they will have to submit to us soon. That’s why they hang onto that white superiority complex

The desperation and irrationality of Western Culture and Global White Elites is not a good indicator of their eventual or inevitable demise.  This System has been in a constant state of crisis, conflict, and desperation.  Western Culture in general is a particularly Apocalyptic Culture, seeing it’s inevitable demise just around the corner for the last 2000 years or more. 

Also, we oppressed peoples have counted them out many times only to have them reassert their domination over us, our lands, and the rest of the world.  From the fall of the Roman Empire, to the usurping of European Monarchs during late 1700s (Age of Revolution), to the age of Emancipation, to the Age of Decolonization, during the great European Tribal conflicts called WWI and WWII, to the global market implosions during 2008, there have been predictions of the ultimate fall of Global White Domination; yet, here we are. 

I don’t see the need Pan-African mobilization and coordination to truly bring about the Fall of the West, or to take advantage of the self-destruction of the West, to to take advantage of the West falling to other opposing forcie3s (like the BRIC nations).  So, even if the West did fall, which there are no real signs of this, in all likelihood the Pan-African population will be subject to the same oppression and exploitation of the New Power that takes its place (just look at China in parts of Africa, or Arabs in North Africa, or Africans in Latin America).

The fall of the West does not automatically mean the rise of Africa, not in our current state. 

I don’t want to discourage your, I really would like to reorient your focus.  Don’t get caught up in predictions, or even hope.  Use your disdain for White Domination and overall oppression to drive you to Organize to systematically dismantle the Systems and Institutions of White Domination, to provide viable alternative social, economic, structural, and ideological support for those escaping or fighting against White Domination, and always be mindful that we are in a multi-generational struggle.

“Revolution is a process, not an event.”  – Del Jones.

Final note: it is evident that GWD will have to make some aggressive adjustments in its methodology and branding, but like any virus or cancer; this System is highly adaptable and mutates very often. 

Let’s work rationally and strategically for the demise of all oppressive syste3ms and leave the predictions to mystics and political pundits.