How can African-Americans go about the processing of uniting with other Africans of the Diaspora?

That’s an easy one; it’s the exact same process we need to go through to unite within the US.

We need to dissect the issues we face, we know it Global White Domination, Racism, and Capitalism; but within those vast power, social, cultural, and economic relationships are many issues that we can target in order to dismantle the larger institutions and operations of oppression.  So, we can go region to region, nation to nation and construct viable plans, agendas; and formations to carry out those plants and agendas.

Everywhere we go we will find some folks who need no convincing, we just have to find and link with them; for the Already Woke begin to do the work other members of our communities will see, then inquire, and either join to or not, either way the work progresses.

That’s how you create functional unity in your Hood, in Black America, and throughout the African Diaspora in general.

If AAs wish to link with specific Diasporian African populations, like in Haiti or Panama, for example; they AAs will need to study the history and the African culture that is unique to those regions.  Then see what liberation and empowerment work is going on there already, then reach out to the organizers on the ground and inquire how you can provide material or political support to a specific or general effort in that area.

It’s also very important for Africans in the US to be advocates and lobbyists for the African Diaspora and Africa in the US political system.  That means we opposes by all means available to us all polices and actions that the US takes against the interest of African populations around the globe, and we push for any resources and support be returned to our Brothers and Sisters outside the seat of Empire.  

The worst thing we can do for unity is to imagine that, cuz we live in the West and have access to Western money, status, and (mis)education that we know better what our Brothers and Sisters need or should do than the organizers on the round in other regions and nations.   

Having citizenship in the US allows us to do much for the African Diaspora, even though we are actually subjects of the empire; but we squander much of that political potential because we still or on the Reform and Integration path instead of a Pan-African Revolutionary path, as a collective.