I wanna thank your people for being slaves, so we didn’t have to be. Also, for being so vociferous in your black power movement, that you forced us whites to unite. Before it was Germans vs. Brits vs. Jews vs. Russians, etc. Now it’s just white vs. black. Europe had 2 world wars, with millions of Europeans dying. Ain’t gonna happen again. No more Europeans getting killed. Now it’s Africans and Arabs doing the dying. So please continue with your nigger rhetoric. It plays into our hands

Oh, wow, where do I start; I’ll try to keep this simple and use single as many single syllable words as possible to that you can keep up.

1. Whites spent more time enslaved and colonized by other Whites than Africans.  I’m not gonna bother with giving you historical references, total waste of all of our time.  Just look up the entomology of the word “slave.”  Your ancestors were masters a warfare, colonization, systematic rape, genocide, and colonization long before they reach Africa’s shores or the New World, who do you think were their first victims?

2.  Europe is as divided as every, the only Unity that has come to Whites has been unified exploitation of the White masses by the White elites, just as it always has been.  The EU is falling, all of these allied White nations are spying on each other, they all have nukes aimed at each other, and there are countless conflicts brewing between White nations.  Just as it always has been.  In the last century Whites fought two World Wars, and there’s not reason to believes that this century will not see at least one orgy of mass slaughter of Whites Vs. Whites. SMH.  Again, I wont waste you time running down the geopolitical trends that brought me, and many others to this conclusion.  Just look Goggle “Brexit, German Domination of the Euro Zone, & Spain/Portugal/Greece economic crisis.” SMH. 

3. Yes it is still Africans and Arabs doing the dyi8ng, and still Whites doing the killing, or arming and directing the killers.  That’s fucked up, and any White person who’s not a psychopath would fell ashamed by this; but if knew history, you’d know that all of the atrocities imposed by White empires on non-Whites have been revisited upon the White masses, all of them, often with greater intensity.  I won’t bore you with the larger reality of the non-White world, where we are progressing in our opposition to White Aggression and White Domination; just know that there’s still way more of us than there will ever be of you Racist, and even  more of us are waking upon everyday, thanks to toxic parasites like yourself.  So, thank you as well, you are playing right into our hands.

Oh, and Europeans are still dying, all over the world, fighting for dead causes and corporate profits; thanks to your White Elites; yet your dumb ass is trolling me instead of targeting your Masters.  At the very least I know who the enemy truly is, which put me miles ahead of your average White Nationalist.  SMH.

Finally, there’s no shame in being a Slave or a victims, there’s only shame in enslaving and victimizing others; but your warped and doomed mentality can’t comprehend that.

WRIT Score : 1 : Very Poor.  (Lack of originality and imagination.  After all these years of being a Racist troll you need to come with better Racist rationalist and rhetoric.)

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