Could You Love a Torturer?

If you met the love of your live, and he/she was infinitely wealthy, he/she moved you into the most beautiful home ever constructed,
furnished it and stocked it with all the things you loved, and they told
you they would support every interest and goal you have in life, but
there was one issue:  

This love of your life held their enemies,
and those who crossed him in the subbasement of your magnificent home.
He hired goons to rape, torture, and mutilate these enemies
every day.  He starved them, but gave them just enough food to keep
them alive to prolong their suffering as long as possible.  

What if your lover told you that the main offense that these people
being tortured in the subbasement committed was that they didn’t love

What if he/she did it because he/she did them a solid,
provided them with all this shit he/she is giving you and they rejected
it, they didn’t love them enough and tried to find their own way in the
word without the love of this person who’s now the love of your life.

Would you stay with this person, would you still love them, could you
enjoy all they have given you as they commit atrocities in the
subbasement of you beautiful home?