Are you now, or have you ever been, a Moor?

I am not now, nor have I ever been a Moor. 

Having had our identity and roots withheld from us over generations, Blacks in the US gravitated to cultures, customs, and costumes that gave us a sense of pride in our ancestors and ourselves. 

I think at this point such behavior is counterproductive, we, collectively are too big for dress up and make believe. 

I am a proud and determined member of the Global African Diaspora, we are a diverse population who have made our own great contributions to African History and Africa’s common destiny; so we don’t need to put on a Fez and pretend to be Moors, we don’t need to don golden head dresses and pretend to by Ancient Kemites, we don’t need dress up like Militant Power Rangers and pretend to be the Hebrew that were enslaved by Kemites. 

We literally have grown Black folks playing the African Historical version of cowboys and Indians; its absurd.  We got pretend Kemites debating pretend Moors who are at war with pretend Hebrews!  That’s just three factions, there are dozens more in the Conscious community.

I don’t have an issue with embracing our history, adopting practices from our past and other African communities/cultures, keeping traditions and adopting new traditions; but the cats are on some Cosplay Fantasy World shit. 

It’s fun to mock them, but often this kind of nonsense leads to violence, and obstructs or distracts from the real work of Pan-African Liberation. People have also had their lives really disrupted trying to follow that shit in the real world, they get caught up in the Sovereign Citizen, or Black Natives shit and when all that shit collapses around them, the community that got them into the BS has no means of bailing them out.  So, I don’t support or condone that shit.  

I know this stance gon piss a lot of people off, but fuck, we gotta speak up, even when it offends, it’s too much at stake to tip-toe around this kinda shit.