“The Award Shows (are for) pimps and hoez, and every other hypocrite to show of their clothes!” – KRS-One

I swear, if I see one more New Negro crying about the lack of Black Oscar nominees!

This is the same culture that gave Noble Peace Prizes to Henry kissenger and Obama; so obviously their awards and recognition don’t stand for shit.

Also, look at what happens when they do throw you Integrationist, White
Approval seeking New Negros a Oscar-flavored bone; they always make us
losers even when we win.  

They be giving Oscars to shit like It’s Hard out Here for a Pimp.  Or for Black coonery in movies like The Help Movie, Monster’s Ball, or Jerry McGuire.  Or for stereotypical shit like Training Day, or outright anti-Black propaganda like The Last King of Scotland.

Also, look at winners like Cuba Gooding, Jr. and Mo’Nique; they can’t get a major movie role to save their lives, yet non-winners like Eddie Murphy stay working in Hollywood!

So, why the fuck are we crying about the damn Oscars; we should be
thanking the nomination committees and all the rest of Hollywood for
leaving us up outta that shit.

If you rich, talented,
Integrationist need some token acknowledgement of your talent and
efforts, I’ll go to the beach and find some seashells, paint them gold
and pass them out to yall; just put a little less money into lavish
parties, private jets, blood diamonds/gold, and transient charity; and a
few more dollars into PanAfrican Institution building, and yall will
all be winners in my book; plus get some of the best shells that wash up
on Chicago’s (lake) beaches.  I promise.