Tell me, how can one be a Pan-Africanist and Pro-homosexual, Promosexual at the same time. My question has nothing to do with homosexuals bedroom activities. I see you completely failed to provide a realistic well rationed reply when you were asked if you were a pro-homosexual or anti Homosexual, you completely curved the question and just jumped to conclusion and directed the question to how a man felt about 2 of the same sex do sexually, rather than giving a direct answer.

I wish you’d just come outta the closet and stop trying to work out your struggles with your sexual and racial identity on my blog, Anon. SMH.

I’m personally anti-Homosexual, thus all the sex I’ve has has been with women. 

Politically, Socially, Ideologically, Culturally I’m pro-Homosexual (by your definition, not my own), cuz we have African Homosexuals, and I think they should be allowed to be. 

I know many Black Nationalist have problems with this point of view, mainly because as African as yall pretend to be yall have embraced your Puritanical Judeo-Christian Indoctrination, which is contradictory AF, BTW. 

I’ve so often requested a rational argument, some evidence, some demonstration beyond your own hang-ups; that homosexuality is an existential threat to Black people.  I’ve asked to be show how homoscuality is a threat or subversive to our struggles against the Systems and Institutions of White Domination and Capitalism; and none of yall have been able to do that, yall just start attacking me for even requesting that yall back up your positions with some rationality and evidence.  

If you could give me some evidence or rational argument to oppose homosexuality beyond my own bedroom, I’d join you in opposition to Homosexuality; it would be easy for me to do, I was a Black Puritan into my 20s, that’s how deep my own Christian indoctrination ran, I left the Church at 14 and it took me to my 20s to stop using the Bible, Koran, and religious dogma to support my own positions.

After losing my dogmatic opposition to homosexuality, I could not find a scientific or even rational argument against homosexuals, but that didn’t lead to be becoming a homosexual; but I guess I’m the next worse thing; a PromoSeuxals, LOL! I just found out that I was labeled a PromoHomo a few weeks ago by the Black Straight Pride Movement. NOt that I’ve ever told anyone to “be gay,” but simply asserting that “homosexuals are not a existential threat to the Black Race,” is enough to get you labeled a PromoHomo. LOL! Yall cold. 

I have no rational reason to persecute gay people, and no one has demonstrated to me that they are a organized threat to my people or our mission.  I’ve read Baruti, Johnson, Ani, and many others on the issue, but still they only give anecdotal evidence and arguments on the issue,  sorry.  

All of my political actions and ideological positions need to be supported by reason, that’s how I roll.  

I feel people should be free to be gay, I also think people should be free to be anti-gay, even express their opposition to gays; but I don’t think anyone should be out here fucking with gay people, compounding the oppression they endure from the larger Systems of Oppression, that’s fucked up.  Black Homosexuals don’t deserve the persecution any more than any other Black person from within or outside our community. 

Now, allow me to answer your question:

The way to be Homosexual and Pan-African is the exact same way you are Heterosexual and Pan-African; by committing your time, talent, and resources to the Liberation and Unification of all African people while working to systematically dismantle the Systems and Institutions of Global White Domination and Capitalism…that’s it.  

The requirements for Pan-Africanism is the same for gays as it is for hetero Black people, and any other classification of Black people.  

You know; people literally say to me; “why you always talking about that gay shit,” and I really wish I didn’t.  The only people who ever come at me with Gay Shit is Heterosexual Black men!

If Black men gave 1/10th of that energy to fighting the White Imperialist Agenda instead of fighting a fictional Black Gay Agenda we’d be free by now. 

Oh, and there are many Pan-African groupings that are comprised of all Macho Men, with no Gays allowed, so just work with them and allow the Gays to do their organizing and resistance in organizations that welcome them; I don’t know why people don’t get in where they fit in and just get to work. 

99% of all of these intragroup conflicts would be resolved if we focused on the real enemies and real threats.