Defining & Striving for True Success.

To me the most fundamental evidence of success is breathing clean air, drinking uncontaminated water, and dwelling on pollution-free soil. Success is living in a world where my health and well-being doesn’t come at the expense of other human beings, or require the destruction of ecosystems. If all of that is lacking, you have failed. Therefore, humanity as a species is failing!

I’m so sick of New Negros talk about success, and not hating on other New Negros who have a lot of Fiat currency to buy mass produced, toxic goods, and services from exploited workers. All the while we got malignant tumors growing in our breast and colons, our arteries are slowly calcifying, our minds are a cauldron of pathologies that will not even allow us to be fully human.

We fucking watch fictional life, and lifeforms on HD 90’ plasma screes with full surround sound, as we allow for Amazon deforestation, Ocean acidification, and Mass extinction.

We celebrate the ascension of a Black man to the throne of White Power (POTUS), as Africans are slaughtered wholesale from South Chicago, to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, to South Sudan, and everywhere in between!

We celebrate the acknowledgement of Black intellect and genius as more Black youth graduate with 4.0 or better GPAs, and are snatched up by the IV Leagues and other elite White Institutions, while we are seemingly oblivious to the fact that these institutions are going to put them to work expanding and securing White Domination!

We celebrate the worlds embrace of Black culture and music, without dealing with the fact that these Black Minstrels are portraying the Race in the most despicable manor, thus further validating all of the negative stereotypes and increasing the hatred of African people across the globe. (Also, Black folks entertaining our Oppressors ain’t nothing new, and not really anything to be proud of, just look at any Arab Concubine, or any European Plantation, we were required to degrade ourselves in order to provide for their entertainment and pleasure. So selling a million recodes to White folks while calling yourself a Ni99a, Pimp, Gangsta, Bad Bitch, Boss Bitch, etc ain’t nuttin new.)

So I’m busy working towards, and educating others about what success truly is. If you still define success according to the definition the White man gave us as he kicked us off his plantation and allowed us to integrate into his Sick System, fine, I don’t need to hear from you, your views are commonly known, because they are feed to us all through Mass Propaganda and Indoctrination. I don’t need to debate you New Negros about your manufactured, unexamined views. Just pursue and celebrate your success, and leave me to pursue mine.

Note: I have to lay all this out because I made the mistake of posting a commentary and using an image of Jay Z to top it off. I was flooded by literally hundreds of New Negros telling my about how much they admire Jay Z and his ilk, and calling me a Hater, Jealous, and Entitled. These New Negros were telling me that old BS about America being the land of opportunity, and how if you are individualistic, hard working, and worthy; “you can make in/succeed America.”

I know this kinda Mentacide is pervasive in the Black community, but is still kinda shakes me when these Human Resources mass together like a hoard of Zombies and come at me all at once.

The good thing is I got much more positive and supportive feedback than hostile and ignorant feedback, so I’m far from hopeless, we are starting to collectively turn. I just don’t know if we’ll turn quick enough and dismantle the Systems and Institutions of White Domination before they “succeed” in totally collapsing the world’s ecosystems and make the planet uninhabitable for human life….but that’s a whole nutha topic.

Forward to True Success African People.