I know you are atheist and I’m not trying to be disrespectful but what are your views on traditional African religions? Also Rastafarianism? Do you believe they have clout, can they be used to help assist us in our liberation or are they just as ridiculous as Christianity, Islam, etc.???

Humans created Gods, so all Gods are a mere reflection of the cultures and mentalities that gave birth to them. 

African religions, the truly African religions, not the White religions that Black people try to Africanize like the Black Judaism, the Black Muslims, and the “Jesus Was Black” Christians; but the truly African religions and spiritual systems are very telling of the African mentality and overall out look.  I think they are generally healthy as long as they are not contaminated by Western Colonization, which many of them are. 

I’ve attedend and particopated in a few Yourba and Akan rituals, I’ve attended many classes offered by the varying practitioners of Kemetic Spiritual Systems, I’ve learn about African Astrology, meditation, and even erected and sustained an ancestral and Orisha shrine as I studied the religions and spiritual systems of my ancestors.  I’m no expert, but I truly amazing how African Gods, and the stories we construct around them give so much insight into who we are a a people, how we evolved.  Just as the European Gods inform us about the Western Mentality and worldview.

I also respect the original Rastafarian cult/culture because it was born of defiance, and absolute resistance to White oppression.  But it’s just a Multicultural playground of a religion now.  It still inspires some of the Greatest music the world has ever heard, so there’s that.

I think the Haitian Revolutionaries, the Maroons, the Mau Mau, and many other minor and major Freedom Fighters demonstrate the value of African Religion, Myths, Folklore, Rituals, and Spritual systems offer to the Black Liberation Struggle.  I, as an Athiest, as a Devangelical would be a fool to deny that.  It is also obvious that being rooted in the Oppressor’s or any other Alien Religion, or Spiritual System is a great impediment to struggle and our liberation.