I really enjoyed your article Jay Z: Mascot for Gentrification & Black Displacement. I am surprised that aren’t a lot more people speaking up against this kOOn jay z and what he is doing to the Black Community. Why doesn’t’ he use his wealth to empower the black community ?

What you are asking about is “Class Suicide,” which is what Jay Z would have to commit in order to empower the Black community; and CS is one of the rarest phenomenon in modern human history.

We have had Black Elites throughout the rise and entrenchment of Global White Domination, some are born into the Black Elites, others, like Jay Z use their immense talents to get there; but no matter how you get there, there are “rules to the muthafuckin game;” and empowering your Race is not one of those rules.  LOL!

RocaWear is made in the same sweatshops as Gap clothing, or Walmart rags (check the tags).  They US policy and military suppresses the development of the 3rd world so that Jay can have the same access to desperate workers to enslave just like all the other capitalist. The US military protects the same damn transport and shipping lanes that transports RocaWear from sweatshops to the Hood.  The multinational banks that secure the Billions of the White Elites, protect and expand J’s millions; though the same resource theft and currency manipulation.   That’s just RocaWear, imagine all of his other ventures, investments, and holdings; Jay is tied in and tied up to Capitalism and the Systems and Institutions of White Domination. 

Why the hell would he act against this System?  He has the love and respect of the Hood, as he enjoys the prosperity and wealth of the Oppressors; that’s the  sweet spot for the Black Elites, and they will sell us all down the river to sustain it, they have done so since the first Arab or Europeans invaded Africa’s soil.  Jay and Bey performed for Bush, they rolled with Obama and they will kick it with the next representative of White Capitalist Imperialism that is elected; he loyalty is to the system that sustains his wealth, and that’s it.

Now, more than a few Black folks haven’t got this far before thinking: “it ain’t J’s responsibility….blah, blah, blah;” but these are stupid muthafuckas, so just look at them an nod.  They don’t understand, or give a fuck about the history or nature of Black struggle.  They really think it’s sacrilege for the masses to suggest that Black Elites kickback (more than tax deductible charity) to the Hood and the Liberation Struggle.  Just leave them to wallow in the muck of their White Indoctrination.  Seriously. 

Plus Jay wears a Che T-shirt, a RBG wrist band, does a track with Dead Prez, or wears a gold 5%-er medallion from time to time; and for most that’s more than enough to make them forget that he’s been a Pied Piper for Western Mass Consumption and Materialism, Self-Destruction, and anti-Black Stereotypes and Propaganda for the last 20+ years. 

(I do have friends who are fans who tell me that he’s changed, that he’s dropping knowledge now, and that women are no longer bitches cuz he as a daughter and shit; I’ll have to take their word for it, cuz I haven’t listened to his music since Dame was doing the jig in his videos.)

They reality is, we have to organize and pool our resources among ourselves and not factor the support or money of the Black Elites into our efforts.  If the money and support does come, it should be icing on the cake, not central to our efforts.  Hell, we can’t even count on the support of many people who are at the bottom of the economic pile, those who suffer from this system every day, so we’d be crazy to expect much from those at the top of the shit pile.

I do think we should continue to highlight the treason of the Black Elites, not because we wish they would turn into Captain Save-The-Race; but because we have to educate ourselves and others about the reality of “Black Achievement under White Domination.”  We need a thorough and ongoing Class Analysis, along with exposure of the Treasonous High Crimes and Misdemeanors of our Elites. 

We need to wake our people up to the fact that there’s not true hierarchy  among slaves and the oppressed.  That the Black Elites generally have more consumption capacity than the rest of us, but they are not at the centers of power, they carry out agendas, they don’t construct them.  They are House Slaves; even as they fly in their private jets, they still carrying water, or tea for Massa while the rest of us are picking digital cotton on a virtual plantations.

People in the West will get pissed at you for Class Analysis and Criticisms; cuz they have been indoctrinated to worship the rich and imagine that any day now they will join the rich, and that only lazy haters attack the rich; even though the majority of the rich inherited their wealth, they didn’t work for it.  They also don’t understand that Black celebs are not rewarded simply for their talents, but for their willingness to validate and advance the Systems and Intuitions of White Domination.  If you don’t believe me, just look at the talented artist and athletes who didn’t to the line; the System didn’t give two shits about their talents if they challenged Capitalism and White Domination. 

Look up Paul Robeson, this Brother was an athlete and a great artist; would could have enjoyed all that this System had to offer, but he committed Class Suicide.  He should be the standard for pro-athletes and artist today.