Faulty Comparisons: Blacks, Asians, & Jews.

I’m really sick of New Negros, Black Liberals, and many of yall Black
Militants and yall half-ass solutions and remedies to Black

We always hear Blacks talk about the Koreans; their
beauty shop and market businesses and networks, or the Chinese and
their Chinatowns, or the Jews and their economic savvy.  They compare
these people to Blacks, and pretend that Black folks just can’t figure
our shit out and do what these other minority groups do.  

First off, they don’t even tell the whole story of these “model minority groups." 

They never mention the Korean War,
and how many of the Koreans who came here formed a pact with the White
imperialist against their own nation, to support their people’s enemies
instead of their own.  They never talk about how the Koreans were
allowed to immigrate here and set up economic enclaves, without White
obstruction leveled against Black economic enclaves, as a reward for
their cooperation with the US Korean invasion.  They never talk about
the "prosperity” of South Korea being allowed to happen so that it could
serve as a wall against Communism, and as a check against North Korea’s
anti-Western Nationalism.  

Again, the imperialist often reward their servants…on the surface.  If you don’t understand the Cold War, Geopolitics,
and the long-term agenda of the International Investor Class, then shut
the fuck up about Koreans and their businesses in the Hood, or at least
shut up about using them as a model for Black economic development.  

The same goes for Chinatowns.  How you want to do Blacktowns modeled
after Chinatowns but you don’t want to put in the work the Chinese put
in to establish themselves, to carve out a place for themselves within
the Global Capitalist System?  

You don’t know that Chinese power, both economic and political is drenched in blood.  Look up the Boxer Rebellion, the Chinese Cultural Revolution, and Chinese Communist Revolution; just to begin your understanding.  Some of the biggest and bloodiest Race Riots in this nation were carried out between Chinese immigrants
who came here to work the railroads and their White tormentors.  They
fought tooth and nail, not for integration, not for assimilation, but
for independent power.  They remained rooted in Eastern Culture, to the
aggressive exclusion of Blacks, Whites, and even non-Chinese Asians.  
Their culture is deeply rooted in Sinocentrism,
and their local Chinatowns and businesses hold to the larger view that
China is the center of the world and human civilization, and millions
upon millions of Chinese have given their lives to sustain that

So, you Black folks who want Blacktowns but don’t
want to put in that work, shut the fuck up.  If you trying to set up
Black economic power in the US, but you ain’t connecting that with
African Liberation and Empowerment, then you don’t understand what the
Chinese did or what they are doing now.  You really need to STFU.

I don’t even need to get started on the Jews; we are so in awe of them
(even when we hate them) that many of us really believe that there is
some supernatural (holy or demonic) force behind these people.  But it’s
nothing more than discipline, planning, and execution.  If you haven’t
studied Theodor Herzl and other early Zionist, if you don’t understand the division between Western and Eastern European Jewish sects, or Zionist political violence, then don’t pretend to understand Jewish economic power.  Don’t come to me with that The Protocols of the Elders of Zion bullshit either, I’m talking about real world conditions and agendas, not spooky secret cabals.  

We keep telling suffering Black people to do what other Races and
ethnic groups have done, or are doing without even fully recognizing
what these people have done, or are doing to secure their little corner
of power within this Ominicidal System, or their own independent
economic and political power.  We keep promoting half measures, or alien
solutions, then we wonder why the fuck shit don’t work for us.

I’m not saying that we have nothing to learn from these groups and all
the other groups that yall like to compare Blacks against.  I study
them, their methods, their ideas, their ultimate outcomes, but I know
that the Black solution, must be that; B.L.A.C. muthafuckin K!  If it
ain’t African, if it ain’t one that is rooted in our Asili, rooted in an
African World View, and an African Social Theory, then that shit will
not work for us, even if it appears to work for some other group.

Some concepts of power are universal, but they still must be given an African slant, or they will not work for us.

Stop trying to shame Black people by telling us how well other groups
are doing, because when you look deeper at many, if not all of these
groups, shit is way fucked up for them too, hell shit is even fucked up
for Whites under Global White Dominion and Capitalism.  That’s why
Whites who live in the cradle of Western culture are rioting in the streets every day (Greek riots).  

All you who think I’m asserting that Blacks should not open businesses,
or seek to establish cultural and economic enclaves in the US; don’t
even bother to respond, you too damn stupid to engage this discussion;
cuz that’s not what I’m saying at all; it’s not what we do, but the
larger ideas behind what we do, the long term trajectory of our actions.

You can’t have economic power without political, military,
cultural, ideological, and racially exclusive power!  Not in this
reality.  Sorry.  Also, if you think you can exit your culture and make
money, then return to your culture to “help out,” then you are in for a
devastating surprise.  Just ask all the other Negros who sold out for a
buck and tried to return to “help the people;” start with Cosby and

We need Pan-African, Revolutionary, Integrated,
Cooperative Economics!  Not Korean Business models, or imitation
Chinatowns in the Hood.  Black solutions don’t work for them, and their
solutions won’t work for us, hell their solutions ain’t real solutions

Finally, you muthafuckas need to stop shaming Blacks
cuz we ain’t got what these other groups got, cuz we had it all long
before they even knew what the fuck “it” was.  That’s from our own
economic base, to networks of businesses, to a strong drive for
educational achievement; we only lost that shit because we used it for
Integration instead of Pan-African Liberation, when you misuse a talent,
you know that shit will eventually hurt you instead of helping you.

So, let’s get back to being originators, not imitators, and back the
the real work of Liberation, because Black businesses without a real
Pan-African Economic agenda is a dead end.

Oh, and I’m not
tearing down any other ethnic or Racial group, their path is their path,
ours is our own; but fuck those who behave as parasites in poor Black
communities, always.