Gay Athletes & Armageddon.

I just spent the weekend in the Buckle of the Biblebelt (the Missouri / Kansas Border).

While I was there, apparently one of the most divine, sacred, and hollowed institutions of the Biblebelt was defiled, and folks from the region were all in an uproar.

The Hollowed, Sacred, and Divine institution I’m speaking of is the NFL. Folks from where I’m from don’t play with they football. From the little kiddie leagues to the Pros, people take they football real serious.

Even though I was born and raised in Kansas City, which is Kansas Jayhawks and The Kansas City Chiefs territory, I never developed an interest or appreciation for football. But I had 5 football fanatic uncles, a little brother who was a great athlete, and all kinds of homies and cousins who loved the sport, so I know how how folks don’t play with they football.

I’m sure everyone knows about the scandal of Michael Sam entering the NFL. Boy, that’s all I heard about in KC. Even my Grandmother was going on about it when I visited her.

This was ironic to me because the NFL seems like the most Homoerotic sport one can engage in outside of male Syncronized Swimming. Dudes grunting, huddling, and slamming their bodies together as they toss and chase balls. All the while they wear tight and colorful uniforms. LoL! I mean come on!

I ain’t saying the NFL is gay, but it definitely has that Homoerotic Warrior Vibe reminisce of the Spartan Army. IJS. We know how the Greeks got down and the Spartans out Greeked the Greeks, and I know enough about football to know that they emulate the Spartans and that football is a modern version of their gladiator war games. So it’s just ironic to me that so many NFL fans are adverse to a gay NFL pro Ball-Chaser.

I had two separate individuals say to me, while I was in Missouri over the weekend; “this is a sign of the end times.” They actually thought God was gonna destroy America due to its celebration of Gays coming into the mainstream of society and culture; as if Gays were not always there in this society, and all of Western Culture. Remember, Liberace was a bigger star than Michael Jackson, and was the highest paid and most desired entertainer in the world between the 50s and the 70s. So gay acceptance ain’t new in the US.

But it still blew my mind that Black folks would say that God is gonna destroy America over gays when America got a pass on Native American genocide, Chattel Slavery, Lynching, countless wars of aggression, Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, COINTELPRO, and so many other atrocities.

God not only didn’t destroy America for committing numerous atrocities, he even allowed America to win the Cold War and become the world’s sole Superpower.

But a Gay man catching balls will be the spark for Armageddon? People are really saying and believing this. I have to ‘LoL’ as I type it, but people had real fear in their eyes as they said this to me.

I don’t see a gay NFL player as a sign of the end, or a sign of justice coming to America, just another Capitalist marketing ploy, and Tokenism as usual.

But if a gay NFL Ball-Chaser provokes Black men to spend less time and money on the sport, and maybe direct more time and money towards Black Empowerment, then I support Michale Sam, but I doubt even Homosexuality will get between most Brothers and their Sacred ritual of eating processed food, and yelling at overpaid Ball-Chasers on the TV on Any Given Sunday.