The New Negro.


In one of his last public talks Dr. Khalid Muhammad spoke on the phenomenon of the “New Negro.”

Dr. Khalid informed us that we were being blindsided by this New Negro who’s fulfilling the role of the Old House Slave, and the Old Uncle Tom.

In the distant and recent past it was very easy to identify the House Slave, more commonly called the House Ni@@er. They had better clothes, they lived in close proximity with the Massa, and they display open contempt for the Field Ni@@er. The House Ni@@ger put the interest of the Massa above all, even his own life and the life of his offspring, he’d sell-out any African to the Whites without hesitation.

Field Slaves grew to justifiably hate and distrust the House Slave, they would exclude them from the inner workings and schemes of the Enslaved African Community.

After the Emancipation a new figure emerged, the Sambo, the Sambo evolved to be more commonly called the Uncle Tom. The Uncle Tom has plagued the Black community from the Reconstruction Era up to today.

Eventually the Black community ended its tolerance for the Uncle Toms (and his sister Auntie Tom). In the militant era of the 60s we began to run Uncle Toms off, to publicly denounce and mock them, we stopped voting for them, we stopped allowing them to preach their religion of submission to White Authority to the rest of us. The Uncle Tom became a joke in the Black community when they were once the leaders.

Uncle Toms were easy to identify because of their behavior and speak. When allowed to they always chose a White spouse, and lived in the most exclusively White communities, but only when allowed to do so. They speak with open contempt and hostility towards all things Black, and do everything in their power to prove to Whites that they “ain’t like them Bad Ni@@ers.”

These Uncle Toms are still of great use to the White Elite but they hold no status or sway in the Black community any longer. (Condi Rice, Alan Keys, Clarance Thomas, and Charles Barkley are just a few examples but they list could fill volumes.)

Since the House Slave became obsolete, and the Uncle Toms lost their status within the Black community there was a space left open in the community that they vacated.

That festering hole was filled by what Khalid called ‘The New Negro.’ The New Negro has not only filled the role of the Uncle Tom, but he/she has surpassed Uncle Tom by leaps and bounds.

The New Negro has many of the same characteristics as Uncle Tom, he serves the interest of Whites, he seeks the approval of Whites, and he’ll sell out the Black community at any given opportunity.

Where the New Negro differs from the old Uncle Tom is in style and presentation.

The New Negro (NN) hides his contempt for the Black community and African culture.

In fact the NN will show up at Black cultural events wearing Mud cloth and saying Hotep to very one he greets. He will join an Afrocentric Church, join a Black Nationalist Organization, attend lectures by renowned African scholars, not as a paid spy, but as a community member.

The NN will have a Black spouse, even one who sincerely embraces the Black community, but more often they chose to marry another NN. They will parade their Black family around the community in a show of Black love and family cohesion, all the while the fulfilling the historical role of the tradition Uncle Tom.

The Black community has yet to fully see and expose the NN even though Dr. Muhammad exposed them over a decades ago. We still embrace these NN, and cheer them on as they plot our oppression and eventual destruction along side our enemies.

I’m gonna go ahead and say it: Barack and Michelle are the poster children for the NN, as much as Clarence Thomas is the embodiment of the old Uncle Tomism.

But there are many more than B & M, they are in our organizations right now, they are causing disruption as they call for unity, they are talking liberation talk as they take actions to further our oppression, they are attacking and blaming Blacks for all the social ills as they hold the White elite blameless.

They are doing all this with their hair in locks, wearing African garb and copper/crystal jeweler, and yelling Ashe! louder than anyone else in the African Drum Circle.

Please listen to and heed the words of Dr. Khalid Muhammad, and be mindful of this new Weapon in the hands of our enemies. I know it’s not easy, I’ve had to kick a few NNs out of my inner circle just recently, but we must remain diligent until our Liberation is fully won.