Racism & White Domination in the Emerging Post-Carbon, Green Economy.


Don’t think because you see the world trending towards green
technology, recycling, and veganism/organic that it will end White
Domination or Racism.

You’ll just have a post-carbon, solar-powered, organic Oppression holding you down.

The Nazi army pioneered Biofeuls,
and was pro public heath and environmental conservation; hell, Hitler
was a vegan, homosexual, (National) Socialist!  Hitler was even into Esotericism and Mysticism;
he would have fit in with a lot of you Spiritual hippies if not for the
whole Aryan Supremacy slant, and genocidal warmongering.  LOL!

mean go Green, Go Vegan, Go Local, Go Organic, do all that shit, but
don’t ever mistake any of that as a substitute for Pan-African
Revolution or Black Liberation; cuz that’s all that’s gonna truly free

We need Revolution, in addition to all that other Green shit, or we’ll be picking organic, non-GMO cotton, and being beat with Faux leather whips (that are endorsed by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)); in the now Green World Order.