Fucka Black Bond!

Fuck wrong wit cha?!?!

Read the history of the fucking MI5, MI6, CIA, Mossad, and the all the other intelligence agencies of the Western Nations.

These muthfuckas was taking out people like Garvey, subverting newly decolonized African nations, killing African leaders like Patrice Lumumba and over thorowing others like Kwame Nkrumah!

The fuck we want a Black man playing that role and promoting those agencies to our youth fah?!?!  Fuck, yall crazy?

Bill Cosby was on I Spy (1965 TV series)
promoting the fucking CIA while they were killing off the Panthers,
locking up Black Revolutionaries, and laying the ground work for
bringing Crack to the Hood, and we cheered his ass on!

military and spy movies in the US have to have their scripts reviewed
and approved by the military and the fucking spy agencies, they also
have agency “consultants” on the set to make sure the propaganda is just

They already made the most imposing Black actor on the
scene into a villain terrorizing a Black women and a Black little girl
on the big screen for hours, now they wanna have him promote Western
Imperial intelligence agencies to the Hood? You think that would use Tom
Cruz or any of their Golden Boys in their prime to terrorize a White
woman and child, no, they use creepy White actors for that shit.  Elba
is our Golden Dude, he’s Will Smith’s replacement, he can’t do just any
role! Learn the propaganda game!

Yall don’t understand media and
propaganda do yall.  I mean, I don’t care if they do it, it’s their
business, but why the fuck so many Black folks begging for this?  To be
mindfucked by the corporate media?  Dag!

Sometime White
insecurity works in our favor, like when they discount Black dolls in
the toy store, and instead of buying them shits up, you say; “how come
the White dolls cost more than the Black dolls,” like WTF!?!  This
equality shit is getting out of hand.  Discount all Black shit, you
racist MFers  That’s one thing I will never complain about; watermelons
being cheaper than sour pears and shit. Hells yeah!

Shit, I’m so pissed I’m getting off topic….

I’m glad Elba not gon play Bond, and I don’t eva want no Black Bond,
and it annoys me that yall crying about it.  As I was saying, fuck Black
Bond, and the MI5 and MI6!

I swear, if I see another post crying
about how Elba didn’t get to be Bond, or how the Kracka who invented
Bond said Elba was too “Hood” or whatever to play Bond, Imma fucking…I
don’t know, I’ll just keep scrolling I guess, but It’s annoying.  

Fuck, even conscious Black folks crying that we didn’t get a chance to be propagandized with a Black Bond.  SMH.