Have you ever considered (or done) DNA testing to find out your exact ancestry? I have, it wasn’t as informative as I thought it would be, if anything it was slightly underwhelming.

Nah, I’m not actually interested in DNA, EYEs are enough for me.  The African phenotype is the most recognizable of all human phenotypes.  I mean, I know Brothers born in Kenya that could be the twin of a dude I grew up with in the Kansas City projects.  I dated a Sister from Senegal who could have been the daughter of my mother’s best friend, they looked so similar. 

Kwame Ture stated that; “Africa is so strong that once she put her stamp on you, nothing can pull it out;”  not even hundreds of years of absence and thousands of miles of distance. 

Also, I think Pan-Africanism was founded and strongest in the African Diaspora because of this.  We embraced the continent of Africa above any particular tribe, nation, or region; and African needs continental unity above all else, and those who’s ties to the whole rather than connection to the particular understand that best. 

I have friends from all regions of Africa, I’d attend a Kenyan gathering, but I couldn’t get my friend to attend a Gambian gathering.  I’d go to an Akhn ritual, but I couldn’t get my Akhn friends to attend an Ethiopian Christian service. 

It ain’t just our Brothers and Sisters from the continent however, I pissed off my close friend from Guyana because I took him into a Trini spot, and he didn’t like hanging in no Trini spot “cuz dey slack!” 

I don’t even have to get into the petty and unnecessary division of African in the Americas.  I have Pan-African Brothers and Sisters who call for Pan African Unity, but don’t even unify with all the Black people on their block on in their organizations. 

I see this DNA shit is just adding to the petty divisions, and ego tripping of the African Diaspora; hell Oprah did it and promotes it, so you know it ain’t about African Liberation. 

So, it think if one is doing it for academic and research purposed it’s cool, beyond that, keep your DNA in your cells; and share it with your offspring; and stay focused on the Pan-African Liberation Struggle.